Should you take Fruit or Vegetable Juices

Juices are gaining popularity with the passing years since so many people have taken it up as part of their regular diet for different reasons. For some it is a means of healthy living since it adds a lot of essential nutrients to your diet while for some it is a means for getting slimmer. There are many other reasons for juicing as well depending on what issue you are trying to address with it and what ingredients are you using for it.

To reap all the benefits of juicing you should invest in a good juicer and extract the juice at home. Homemade juices the best source of nutrients and are free of all the preservatives and other additives that you will find in those you buy at the store. The two major categories of juices that you will find are fruit juices and vegetable juices. You can also use a combination of fruits and vegetables in your juices to take advantage from both the categories. Here are some of the differences between fruit juices and vegetable juices:

Fruit Juices:

Fruit juices are a healthy option and will provide you with a boost of nutrients instantly since it are in an easily digestible form and the nutrients will instantly be absorbed into the blood stream to be delivered to the cells where they are needed. However, they are not completely successful in providing you with all the benefits from the fruits since they lack all the fibers from the fruits which have many benefits including an enhanced digestive system. They will also spike your blood sugar levels since fruits are rich in natural sugars which are absorbed directly into the bloodstream just like the nutrients. For this reason, diabetics should be careful when consuming fruit juices and so should those who are trying to lose weight. On the plus side, all the fruit juices usually taste great because of the sweetness of the fruits.

Vegetable Juices:

Vegetable juices also provide you with a variety of different nutrients which many people do not prefer consuming otherwise. Although the vegetable juices still lack fibers since the juicer removes all of it, they may be healthier in the sense they have a low concentration of natural sugars and therefore do not spike the blood sugar levels. Another advantage is the alkaline nature of the vegetables to balance out the ph levels in your stomach.  For Delicious and tasty juice recipes, you can check out

What should you do now?

For reaping the most benefits out of fresh juices you should keep the addition of fruits to a minimum and instead focus more on the addition of vegetables. When you add more vegetables and lesser fruits you will be taking in the nutrients from both vegetables and fruits while keeping the amount of fructose intake to a minimum. Also do not take juices as a replacement to your regular meals. the best time to have your juice is before the meal so that maximum nutrients get absorbed into the blood stream.

What to look before purchasing a countertop blender

Blenders these days are a great help in the kitchen as they can tremendously save your time and effort required for food preparation. It saves you time and allows you to do other tasks. It also gives the consistency your dough needs to make that perfect bread. On the other hand, choosing the right kitchen blender is a difficult task but has to be done cautiously to ensure that you get the right one according to your needs and preferences. This also necessitates the need of being vigilant before buying a blender. Here are some points that will help you while selecting a home blender that suits your needs.

  1. First look over your kitchen size and your storage space. You can select countertop blenders if there is space for them in your kitchen. On the contrary, if there is no space for a preparation table in your kitchen then go for a hand-held or immersion blender. There are various hand-held blenders available in the market that can do the tasks of a counter-top blender.
  2. You must also decide on the material of the blender jar which you think is appropriate for your household. Blender jars are available in three materials: glass, plastic, and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate blender jars are apparently the most suitable option as they combine the properties of plastic and glass. These jars are clear, light, and do not crack or break easily.
  3. You must select the material that best fits your kitchen needs and household. Look over the merits and demerits of each material of the blender jar. Plastic jars are unbreakable and cracks could be mend using adhesives however; they are more prone to cracking up in extreme temperatures. On the other hand, glass blender jars are clear but could break easily.
  4. Look over the motor power of the blender you are considering to buy. Generally, blenders are available in the range of 250 watts to 2,237 watts. Commercial blenders are of higher motor power while domestic ones are of lower power. The more the motor power of a blender, the more efficient would it be. If you are unaware of checking the motor capacity or power, ask the sales representative for help. BlenderReviews is packed with useful information on blenders and their reviews.
  5. Analyze the revolutions-per-minute or the speed of the blender blades. Speeds of the blenders generally range from 1 to 14. Typically, kitchen blender users prefer 1-3 speed range blenders.

7 Easy and Delicious Recipes that can easily made with food processors

Apart from making cooking easier and effortless, a food processor makes your cooking experience more worthwhile, fun and enjoyable. It can create incredible recipes easily and instantly by covering a wide range of cooking preparations.

The food recipes below cover the amazing cooking abilities of a best food processor and reflect everyday time constraints. From a novice to an experienced and from just a home chef to a professional cooker, a food processor can be your ultimate guru.

  •    Salsa dips

Making salsa dips, or any other dip or spreads are as easy as pie if made in a food processor. Ingredients like tomatoes, green chilies, garlic clove, coriander, mint leaves and extra virgin oil go inside the food processor. After seconds of turning the processor to the blending option, the salsa comes into form. Although make sure to blend well and not puree the ingredients.

  •    Steak sandwiches

Leftover steaks from dinner are perfect to make steak sandwiches for next day breakfast or for lunch.  Slice the steaks with your food processor and add to them to skillet with sautéed bell peppers, onion and any other vegetable you like. Top with cheese slice and enjoy instant steak sandwiches.

  •    Coleslaw

Coleslaw is one of the most refreshing and healthy everyday snack. It first requires cabbage and carrots to be nicely diced. This is where a food processor with a fine shredder option save you from the hard work of chopping. Mince onions and combine all processed ingredients together. Process remaining ingredients with the help of a regular blade to a smooth consistency. Lastly, mix all the vegetable mixture and refrigerate overnight to enjoy the coleslaw.

  •    Basil Pesto

To make basil pesto, combine basil, garlic clove, pine nuts, grated Parmesan cheese, lime juice and olive oil and mix them together in a food processor leaving olive oil and lime juice for seasoning. Mix until all the ingredient blend well and serve on top of your favorite pasta.

  •    Peanut butter cookies

Food processors that are a high quality can even make dough easily. To make peanut butter cookies dough combine sugar, eggs, peanut butter and vanilla essence in a food processor and give it a whirl for few seconds. Once it is mixed well scoop out the dough into small tablespoon onto a baking tray and enjoy your cookies straight out of the oven.

  •    Soups

One of the best things about food processors is that it makes soups very easily. To enjoy delicious soup, bake the vegetable until tender. Cook onion, celery and all other ingredients you like in a pan until soft with some chicken broth. Boil everything and simmer before placing the mixture into a food processor. Once done blend it well in the processor, return the mixture to the pan and add some cream to taste and thickness. May it be a vegetable soup or creme of mushroom; you can enjoy a restaurant like taste, at home.